She touched Ressler’s shoulder and he looks like his head is going to explode.

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Monarch Douglas Bank: Official Bank of the FBI

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Maybe one day, at some point, you’ll look back and wonder ‘How did I become this… thing?’ but not now. Now, you’re just doing your job.
Raymond Reddington

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  • Berlin: ... under that hat of yours
  • Red: woah man you can insult me you can insult my wife hell insult lizzie but goddamnit don't insult the hat

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Raymond Reddington: Bank Robber, Embezzler, Killer, who gives stuffed animals to small children.

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Wooow, he even ripped on the hat. That was a true sass battle.

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Shh. You hear that? That’s the sound of all your checks bouncing.
Raymond Reddington

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Your wife is coming apart nicely!

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Aw, man. I want Red and Berlin to go on the Wonder Wheel.

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Red can just appear in Poland at will. He’s cool like that.

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Now THAT’S what I call a small distraction!

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A guy got stabbed…
In the nose…

This is the best show.

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Lizzie chomping that guy’s arm was the best thing on tv so far this year.

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File under: People I wish I were related to


File under: People I wish I were related to

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